As EMTA Group, since 1974 it has delivered more than 2000 MW product across 50 countries on 5 continents.

For over 40 years, EMTA Energy has operated to become a reputable group of companies within the domestic and international power generation & transmission & distribution markets with its own strong financial structure and specialist workforce.

EMTA Energy is one of the most respected global engineering, procurment, and constraction companies.

Our company focusses on engineering a sustainable future, by providing turnkey solutions in Turkey and provides innovative design and Project management solutions to a global client base in a variety of process and energy industries that foster long-term progress and economic growth.

EMTA is strongly focused on serving the needs of international markets and is active in carrying out major power plant projects throughout Europe, theMiddle-East and Africa, with stronge emphasis on highly-efficient power plant construction technology.

Our core objective is to create added value for our customers by offering a “One Stop Shop” concept, which includes consulting, engineering, execution, commissioning, projectfinancing, built and operational services, spare part management and after-sales services under one contract. This gives our customers a strategic advantage to control their Project investment plan with the help of a reliable and experienced EMTA ENERGY team.

Experienced in the Energy Sector

EMTA Energy provides integrated designing, engineering, procurement, construction supply and management services. These services extend to independent and national transmissionlines and substations as well as those associated with new power generation, Oil&Gas, Industrial facilities such as Textile, Cement, Pulp & Paper and many others. We have designed and commissioned more than 50 substations and 1000 kilometers of transmission lines.

Our Mission is to provide our customers with the highest service, quality, on-time and on-budget delivery.

Our Vision to be an EPCM (engineering, Procurement, construction and project management) leader in the renewable energy sector and power plant solutions.



Our Core Identity

Safety is a guide ethic for everything we do. Therefore we’re a team of the highest performance and skills, providing consistently to our clients high quality work.


We conduct our work with complete and open transparency towards our clients and suppliers as well as our stuff.


Is Our Position

Our economic mission drives us to manage our company for a growing and sustainable financial goals to keep our leader position in the energy sector


Is Our Position to Work Smart

We always show the highest level of effeciency at all time and at all level of business. As one of our core values, effeciency is vital for Emta energy’s success.


Is Our Power

Our people are the most finest people, we build our organization, promote and reward people without ragard to any difference unrelated to performance.


Is How We Are

We work to the highest ethical, professional and business standards We’re trustworthy, and we respect our EMTA colleagues and clients , and we treat them as we want to be treated.


Is Our Work Culture

We share our knowledge in a productive working relationship and we are committed to be honest and straight-forward with each other.


Is Our Essence of Success

Our desire to improve and to win inthe market place compels us to use our company in innovative ways to make the world a better place.

Our purpose is to create value for all our stakeholders and to protect our place among the leading companies in the country and abroad, and to improve our activities. In order to reach this goal, we will emphasize our principles;


• Taking into account the needs and expectations of the customer, ensuring customer satisfaction, improving the quality of production and applying the quality control system to the norms required by the necessities of the time,
• To fulfill the requirements of the contract in accordance with the applicable legal regulations and standards and to fulfill the applicable requirements of the related parties,
• To provide “Faultless Work” with based on continuous development,
• To continuous improvement the quality, environment, occupational health and safety performance by systematic and efficient methods,
• Delivering the work at the promised time,
• Operating in accordance with the Code of Business Conduct prepared in the light of values and principles,
• To share experiences and to ensure the continuity of corporate information,
• Our company’s human resources, accumulation and financial power to protect, to increase and to ensure sustainability.
• Continuously updating the information of employees through periodic trainings while continuing our projects with professional staff at all levels


• To establish and continue an OHS Management System that meets the requirements of the OHSAS 18001 management system for the continuity of the works,
• To comply with local and international Occupational Health and Safety regulations in all our activities,
• To ensure that all employees are informed with trainings to ensure their health and safety,
• To ensure that all our employees, suppliers and visitors comply with the OHS rules we created,
• Preventing and eliminating the factors that may cause occupational accidents and occupational diseases in our enterprises,
• To measure the performance of the OHS management system and to carry out studies to improve performance,
• To follow the technological developments in the field of Occupational Health and Safety in line with financial opportunities and to orient our investments accordingly,
• Minimizing work accidents and occupational diseases in our offices and construction sites by creating safe working areas.
Together with all our employees, we are committed to continuing our efforts and investments in order to fulfill our environmental responsibilities and the requirements of this policy.


Based on the concept of “Sustainability” as Emta Energy, we are guiding our work in order to minimize environmental impacts and contribute to the protection of the environment..
• To fulfill all requirements by creating an Environmental Management System,
• To comply with all legal regulations and other obligations related to environment for our sector,
• To be able to use resources efficiently, to protect the environment and to prevent environmental pollution by supporting sustainable resource utilization with the awareness of “Environmental Responsibility”
• In line with the experience and prestige that has been established since its establishment, aiming to protect the environment and to ensure the continuity of natural resources and to improve its environmental performance continuously,
• To take the necessary actions and take the necessary actions to go beyond the legal arrangements with the awareness that the resources in the world are not unlimited,
• Try to reduce waste at source and ensure recycling as much as possible,
• Reducing losses by following the developing technology and keeping efficiency at the highest level,
• To raise awareness about environment of all our employees, all the individuals and companies we are in contact with,
• To continuously improve our environmental performance and to consider environmental impacts in our new investments.



EMTA was established in 1974 by EMTA Electrical Machinery Trade Co. Since the day it was founded, it continues its development to be the most reliable and respected company in the energy transmission and distribution sector and its responsibilities and responsibilities in the establishment of the global energy transmission and distribution network. As of today, our activities are carried out by our manufacturing, contracting and trade-dependent companies, which are specialized in the service field and aim to provide the highest quality service to our valued customers, taking into account the sectoral needs.

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EMTA Kablo has been one of the largest aluminium conductor exporters of Turkey and ranked as 345th in Top 1000 Exporters of Turkey List in 2014 by the Turkish Exporters Assembly records. EMTA Kablo is currently the Leader Company in Turkish Market and its brand name is very well known in Europe, Middle East, CIS Countries, and in Africa.

EMTA Kablo serves energy industry by keeping continuity of new investments and extending manufacturing capabilities as a basic principle of the company. Being conscious of growth potential and essentiality of energy industry, EMTA Kablo maintains its investments in human resource, technology, quality and environment management systems, production capacity and innovation.With its capacity of 6.000 metric tons/month, EMTA Kablo is exporting its products to more than 50 countries in 5 continents. EMTA Kablo Factory is established over a 150.000 m2 area and has the 5 MW Solar Power Plant to meet large part of own consumption of electricity.

EMTA Kablo can supply the expected quality and the experience; consequently we can provide the value deserved by the customers.

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EMTA TRADE INC. Is a trading company that organizes the domestic marketing and sales activities of the products in the production capabilities of its sister and solution companies. Unlike its alternatives, the company provides engineering support to its valuable employers and adds value to its projects.

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EMTA GLOBAL TRADE INC. Is a trading company that organizes the overseas marketing and sales activities of the products in the production capabilities of its sister and solution companies. Unlike its alternatives, the company provides engineering support to its valuable employers and adds value to its projects.

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Company Jauda-Koks is the leading Latvian producer of impregnated wooden poles for overhead power supply and telecommunication lines and has operating history of over 50 years. Jauda-Koks holds one manufacturing facility in Suntazi, which is last modernized in 2016 and manufacturing capacity of Jauda-Koks is 60 thousand poles per year.

In 2015, Jauda-Koks shares were acquired by strategic investor Emta Electric Global Trade Company. With the collaboration of Emta Electric Global Trade Company’s wide experience in Electrical Distribution and Transmission sector, Jauda-Koks is always ready to meet the demands of its customers on time with high quality.

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Tuzla Garden Hotel & Suites is a subsidiary of EMTA Group; has adopted the principle of serving the Turkish tourism and domestic and foreign guests in the best way with its professional service approach. From the moment you arrive at our hotel, you will feel like home. Our friendly staff are at your disposal to make the most of you.

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Istasyon Mahallesi Ibişağa Cad. 34940, No: 4 

Tuzla İstanbul Turkiye

T +90 216 446 66 06

F +90 216 446 43 93

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